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  Ordering Vintage Games Woodworking Plans & Hardware
usa U.S. customers print out the following order form.

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We ship by Canada Post Airmail, normally within 1 day of receiving your order (confirmation sent by email).
There are no additional charges for shipping & handling. Methods of payment.
U.S. Order Form / Mail to:
Vintage Games Co.
36 Fairview Dr.
Truro, N.S.   B2N 1S3

QUANTITY   ITEM   (Price includes Airmail shipment) PRICE / US$ SUBTOTAL
    LAWN CHAIR Plans $ 3.50  
    ROUND TRIP (Travel Game) Plans $ 3.75  
    SKITTLE-MAZE Plans $ 3.50  
      Skittle-Maze  plans plus Game pieces (13 pins & 4 tops) $19.00  
    CARROM Board Plans $ 3.50  
      Carrom plans plus game pcs. (*see contents below) $15.00  
    CROKINOLE Board Plans $ 3.50  
      Crokinole plans plus disk set (*see contents, below) $15.00  
    HOCKINOLETM  Board Plans $ 3.50  
      Hockinole plans plus pucks (12 wooden discs) $11.00  
    Mechanical HOCKEY Game Plans $ 8.75  
      Hockey plans plus Hardware kit (see list below) $29.75  
    Mechanical BASEBALL Game Plans $ 8.75  
      Baseball plans plus Hardware kit (see list below) $18.75  
TOTAL AMOUNT ENCLOSED - for  methods of payment  see information below.
( There are no additional charges for Airmail Shipping.)

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usa American customers may pay by US$ check drawn on US bank or US$ Money Order. Postal Service money orders must be negotiable outside of the U.S.  
canada Canadian customers use Canadian order form.
international Other customers use International order form.
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  All Vintage Games Woodworking Plans include:
  • easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions in Imperial units (feet & inches)
  • CAD-drafted scaled diagrams for each stage of construction
  • full-size patterns for curved pieces
  • shopping list for wood and hardware
  • after-sale service - if questions arise during construction contact us at the address below.
  • Our Guarantee - if you are not satisfied with your Vintage Games plans or hardware just return them within 30 days, with a brief explanation, and we will refund the full purchase price.
For further information contact email.  


    Carrom game pieces - We stock an economical set of carrom game pieces:
  • 19 hardwood disks (plain/unfinished): 11/4" (32 mm) diameter by 5/16" (8 mm) thick; weight = 1/6 oz. (5 g.)
  • 1 acrylic striker: 1¾" (44 mm) diameter by ¼" (6 mm) thick; weight = 3/8 oz (11 g.)

Crokinole game pieces: 24 hardwood disks (plain/unfinished), 11/4" diameter by 5/16" thick.


      HOCKEY Hardware Kit:
  • 10 player bushings (bored out machine bolts)
  • 28 "Speednut" fasteners
  • 2 light compression springs
  • 2 light extension springs
  • 1 chrome steel ball "puck"

      BASEBALL Hardware Kit:
  • 2 turned hardwood players
  • 2 player bushings (bored out machine bolts)
  • 3 "Speednut" fasteners
  • 2 light compression springs
  • 1 light extension spring
  • 1 chrome steel "baseball"
  • 1 hardened steel pitching rod

Vintage Games Co. - U.S. order form   -   Updated June 11, 2017.
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